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My Glow Story

The Tomboy

I grew up as more or less a tomboy – never liked to dress up for functions or family gatherings, absolutely hated dresses, and the concept of wearing tights made me want to run and hide from my mother who, looking back, was quite the fashionista with a very good understanding of self-care. This is all in retrospect, of course.

At the time, all I wanted to do was ride my bicycle outside in the sun and roll around in dirt with a physical aversion to the very mention of sunscreen. Give me a pair of pants and a t-shirt. I was good. I was so tanned from practically living outside, I was dubbed an Asian Pocahontas.

It wasn’t until Middle School (age 13-14) that I started taking interest in the concept and possibilities of self-expression through make-up. The only makeup I can afford with the change I found in the couch cushions and the only technique I can manage: black eyeliner. This is where it started.

Get it Girl

Moving into High School, the black eyeliner turned into blue and purple eyeliner. Sparkles… blush! Blush was my crack – still love blush to this day, my ultimate desert island make-up item. If I have to starve on a deserted island anyway, I’d like to look cute and fresh-faced when my body is found. THANKS!

I ignored all my mother’s warnings and advice for skincare, of course, being the rebellious teenage girl I was. Apply sunscreen every day, use good quality products on my face, apply primer or lotion before applying makeup, focus on taking care of your skin first, etc etc etc the list went on.

I was lucky enough to have very limited breakouts growing up whereas my older sister was not so fortunate. I thought it had to do with luck, and I was just lucky! My skin was always very dry and believed that breakouts came from oil and grease from the skin. What I didn’t understand back then was that hydration is KEY.

Of course, back then there wasn’t much in the way of YouTube tutorials and Influencers to teach a young girl with zero notion of anything that as important it is to express your own style, it is just as important to maintain and take good care of the natural integrity and health of your skin.

You only get one face, you don’t get a second one to fix your mistakes!

It’s NEVER too late

Well into University, though my skin wasn’t irreversibly damaged from utter neglect – I ended up with dull, incredibly dry, lifeless skin that became a grease ball minutes after washing my face. To boot, I was more prone to breakouts.

It took years of work and research online, and speaking with the women around me for their tips, techniques, and skincare must-haves to restore my PTSD traumatized face to the healthiest place I can possibly take it.

Now, it’s my mission to make sure other girls don’t make the same mistakes and are able to learn how to rehab their complexion to health.

Ladies – remember, we are stronger and better together! If you ever need support or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will be so happy to help you to my best ability!

Much love,




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