I think many people can agree… 2020 has been a strange and nightmarish roller coaster ride so far.

There are so many things happening around us that we can’t possibly imagine or begin to control, but it’s important in times like this to remember that there are still many things that we can control. The small, immediate things around and within ourselves.

Our health, our peace, our mind, and our overall well-being.

These things have a huge affect on our inwardly and outwardly well-being in a noticeable way. Stress and poor diet, for example, can show in our face in the way of persistent acne and dull complexion.

This is definitely different from my usual posts, but it doesn’t detract from the significance and importance of the message!

Now, get ready for me to “mom” your rear-ends into 2021, because I know you’ve been slacking on your self-care…

A Routine to Make Your World Go Round

First things first.

Mama knows you’ve been slugging around the house all Spring and Summer. What? You weren’t? You were the most productive you’ve been in your entire life?!

If yes, mama is proud.

If not? Don’t worry, because that dark hole you’ve been in? Mama’s been there too.

What day is it? What time is it? What year is it?! (Hopefully not still 2020, ha!) Yes, I’ve been there. I know it feels like it doesn’t matter or change things to keep up with the date and time these days, especially for those who have lost work in these times. If it didn’t happen to you directly, it’s definitely happened to those close to you.

BUT, it’s still very important to continue our regular upkeep, or, if there wasn’t regular upkeep before 2020, to start one!

A day-to-day routine will help so much in re-establishing some order and peace in your life. Especially now.

  1. Set a time to wake up, and stick to it. It doesn’t have to be at the crack of dawn, but enough waking up in the middle of the afternoon whenever your sleep dwindles! Having a set time to wake up and get to your day (even if you don’t have much to do around the house) makes a big difference on your mental health and happiness. It gives you a sense of purpose back. Most people strive for structure, even if we don’t know we needed it. I like a good sweet spot of 7:30AM to 8:30AM. Not too early, but early enough to have a breakfast.
  2. Make a list of chores/things you’ve wanted to do. Sit yourself down and make a list of things to do around the house, or things you’ve been meaning to get to but never had the time for before! This is the time to get those done. There is no better time than now! It could be anything from learning how to give yourself a mani pedi, making all the new pasta recipes you’ve been meaning to try, crushing your list of books to read, or finally getting around to that closet purge. Anything to keep your mind, body, and hands busy.
  3. Set your meal times, and stick to it. I know many people must have gained a few pounds over the last few months. Milling around the house with anxious, idle hands, we tend to reach for snacks throughout the day, multiple times a day, an unreasonable number of times a day. I, for one, am definitely an anxiety eater. Maintaining an eating schedule with 1-2 small, healthy snacks between meals will help some to control your idle hands. Just a friendly reminder, chips are not a healthy snack. The old breadsticks you found in the back of your cupboard, are not a healthy snack. Reach for that banana or apple, guys. You can do it.

Eat Happy, Eat Wholesome

Speaking of eating, stop depression eating all the crap in your house. In fact, toss it.

Try to shop healthy, try to shop whole foods. I don’t mean empty your bank account actually doing all your grocery shopping at your nearby Whole Foods Store. I mean, stay away from the processed foods like pre-cooked frozen meals, chips and cookies. YOU DON’T NEED THEM.

It’s hard, I know. I like my chips. Often I feel like I need that bag of sweet chili heat doritos. But I know in my heart…. I can live without it, and so can my thighs, and my face. The more fried, salty, processed crap we put into our bodies, the more our complexion will protest, and the more uninvited acne friends will come to overstay on your face.

Workout ‘Till You Pass Out (But Not Really)

Think…equal amount of activity for the amount of calorie intake here, guys.

If you ate a 4 course meal because you went crazy cooking a 4 person feast for a party of one (yourself), this means you have to work it off, proportionately!

Otherwise, the next time you check that weight scale, BOY will you be disappointed and shocked. That’s extra stress we do not need. Not only does exercise reduce the waistline, it also creates endorphins, a chemical in our brain, that literally makes us happier. So, why not?!


As hippie-dippy as this sounds, personally, I found that meditation helps me very much with accepting and dealing with stress. The task is not to ignore the stress you have and become entirely delusional to the world around you. It’s about looking inwards and finding our own peace with what is happening around us.

This doesn’t mean you have to learn how to twist your legs into an inseparable pretzel and start chanting “om” for an hour.

Contrary to popular opinion, meditation can be as simple as a 2 minute quiet moment, it can be a 20 minute yoga session, it can be a relaxing bath, throwing on a face mask and enjoying that moment with your eyes closed, and it can also be twisting your legs into an inseparable pretzel and chanting “om” for an hour. Whatever you are doing, taking a moment to clear your mind and feeling your body’s energy and listening to your breathing is meditation. Take a moment, or two, or three. We’ve always got time for this.

Listen to Yourself, Listen to Your Body

I know this isn’t anything ground-breaking, and maybe you already knew all these tricks, and maybe you were planning on getting on these anyway and hadn’t started on it yet?

Whatever the case, everybody needs a friendly reminder and a nudge in the right direction. It’s always important to listen to yourself and what you need first at the beginning and end of the day. As much as you can manage! Even if it’s only a couple of minutes of extra self love and care in the shower, or that bit of a stretch you gifted your body after yet another work-from-home day. Every moment counts, no matter how big, or how small.

Your body is always sending you signals and messages on how it’s doing and it’s vital we stop, take a quiet moment, and listen to what it needs, as much as it seems that we don’t have the luxury or calm moment to do so. We need to schedule and engineer moments for calm, peace, and self-reflection.

For our health, well-being, and frankly…our goddamn sanity. Your skin and body will thank you.

So, on that note – let’s get that glow!

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