For those of you who have never heard about FOREO, it’s a Swedish company that’s quickly taken over the beauty industry internationally with their innovative technology and design since its conception six years ago. Among their line of products, they also have a full line of sonic pulse technology toothbrushes that incorporates their silicone bristles into the brushheads.

As for the Foreo Luna 2, it’s one of Foreo’s line of facial cleansing brushes with its sleek silicone body and thin bristles for a real thorough clean as the sonic pulses resonate through your layers of skin to unclog your pores as it delivers cleanser deeper into your skin. Also, it’s 100% waterproof so there’s no risk of electrocution in the shower, which I thought was a great bonus (I wash my face in the shower). In the package, it comes with a USB charging wire, instruction manual, and a velvet pouch in which you can store your Luna 2 for travel.

With this technology, FOREO claims that the Luna 2 will achieve the below results in your skin within just three days:

  • Removes dirt and oil
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • More radiant skin
  • Smoother skin

These are the claims, but is it true? I’m here to explain my experience with the Luna 2!


Which Model is Best for Me?

Before we delve into the product specifications and benefits or non-benefits, we should first discuss which of the 4 models I have and will be reviewing.

When researching the Foreo Luna 2 before purchasing, I was confounded by the choices at first. The Luna 2 is supposed to have a specific brush head, according to your skin type (normal, sensitive, oily, or combination).

There’s a quiz on the Foreo website to determine which product is best for you. Let me save you the trouble. It’s confusing, and honestly most girls don’t even really know how to identify their own skin type. I still don’t really know my own skin type as our “skin type” changes as we age, depending on what we eat, our hormone changes, etc etc etc, the list goes on.

I used to have very dry skin which morphed into combination skin as I’d mentioned in an earlier article, Secret to Achieving Best Skin Hydration for Glass Skin Beauty. Sometimes you can be more than one skin type, which also doesn’t necessarily mean that you have “combination skin” either. I know, so confusing. I went through the same train of thought when I was choosing my Foreo cleansing brush. The only physical differences I can see between the different brush heads is that the end shape of the bristles range from thin to round, to flat and wide.

Just from this, and not having tried every brush head (because, come on, how are we going to try it out to really know the end result, and who is going to pay $200 for each brush head to try every single one?!) I opted for the sensitive skin brush head, the beautiful lavender shade brush pictured below. I had no idea going in how my skin was going to react as it gets sensitive with my makeup wipes so I wanted to stay on the safe side as I wanted to be able to use this twice daily (morning and evening) to cleanse my face.

Oh the Places You’ll Go!

Going back to my little science lesson in a previous article How to Get Glowing Skin Without Makeup, I explained the function and benefits of cleansing your face properly to achieve that Korean glass skin we all want. With the use of cleansers and a massaging motion with your hands and fingers, we can get a pretty good clean that, of course, we can see the benfits of.

The promoted benefit of using the Foreo Luna are the thin silicone bristles on the surface of the cleansing brush. Foreo claims that the combined cleaning power of the sonic vibrations and silicone bristles will provide a much deeper clean to your pores and the undivided attention to each pore than we could ever possibly provide with the tips of our fingers and hands only.

Since using the Foreo Luna 2, I’d noticed immediately within the first use and in the first week of using this tool twice a day that my skin had gotten – dare I say – glowing, and velvet, baby-bum smooth. As the serial face-toucher that I am, the one downside to investing in this tool is that it’s been more difficult for me to not get lost in touching my face, especially because it’s been much softer. I really can’t stress this enough.

I also have some blackheads/whiteheads on my nose and chin and general T-zone area that since using the Foreo Luna 2 has decreased dramatically. The pores are cleaner and therefore are less noticeable, and in addition, with regular cleaning (twice a day), the pores STAY clean day to day and do not remain clogged and later, inflamed, potentially turning into acne. So in this way, I’ve noticed that using this tool has kept my breakouts and acne at bay, all in all keeping my complexion smooth, clean, soft, and glowing.

A Tool that Practically Cleans Itself

On the topic of cleaning, the Foreo Luna practically cleans itself and is such a dreamy low maintenance tool in that I’ve rarely felt the anxiety of needing to keep charged forever to be able to use on a regular basis (the way I feel about my electric toothbrush).

The entire sleek body of the Foreo Luna 2 is made of velvet-y silicone – a non-porous, ultra-hygenic, bacteria-resistant material that resists bacteria build up. In english, this means that there’s no place for bacteria and mold to hide and grow. With application of cleanser in the area of the tool that requires cleaning, you’re essentially cleaning the device while cleansing your face. I love the hyper efficiency and low maintenance of this tool.

Sure, it Costs More Than Your Hands

On Amazon, the Foreo Luna 2 costs $219.

Yes, it is more costly than washing your face with your hands but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it.

Trust me, I am not a person who makes purchases like this on a whim. Any appliance or product that costs more than $50 is usually an instant “No way” from me. However, this tool is truly amazing in the way that I can see this visibly turning back the clock of my face. The more visible the pores, and the less exfoliated your skin – the older you will look. This device does just what I needed for my skin to feel clean and glowing everyday.

Not only that, yes, the one time cost is a big one, but not at all unreasonable for the claims and benefits the tool ACTUALLY offers. There is no mystery, or a “maybe it will work” factor with the Foreo Luna 2. It just simply works.

To top this, I noticed I used much less cleanser per wash than I used to use when washing my face with my hands as the bristles and vibrating against the skin stretches the product so much further than with your fingers.

The Foreo also does not require a replacement head at all because of its non-porous silicone material and additionally, comes with a 2 year warranty.

Achieve Glass Skin with Foreo Luna 2

To summarize the above simply, does the Foreo Luna 2 work? Yes.

Is it worth the cost of $219 for the tool? Yes, absolutely. It is a valuable investment on your skin, yourself, and your happiness.

Will it help you to achieve the glass skin of your dreams? YES.

After using this tool, I am steps closer to the perfect glass skin and you can try it out for yourselves! It is 100% a spurge item of 2020.

So, I highly recommend the Foreo Luna 2 to you to try, and… let’s get that glow girls!

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