Guys… if you’ve never heard of the Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm, you’ve seriously been missing out!

For the past few years I’ve been using waterproof mascara, since for whatever ungodly reason, my mascara would always smudge to my upper eyelid and under eye. By the end of the day, I look like a raccoon that had a real rough night of garbage rummaging. I’m sure there are a lot of you who can relate to this conundrum.

The only thing that saves me from looking this way is intensely waterproof mascara.

The upside to waterproof mascara is that it doesn’t budge one bit. Unfortunately, the downside to using waterproof mascara is that it doesn’t budge one bit….ha ha. You’ve read that right, and the joke is on me.

The Struggle

What a pain it is to remove waterproof mascara. A great invention, to be sure. But the bane of my existence was putting on makeup in the first place because I HATED the effort it took to remove my makeup, only to come out with red irritated skin and to not have removed all the makeup after all the work. There were definitely more negatives to the whole process than there were positives.

My strategy for years was to use makeup wipes to rub the living shit out of my eyes and lashes until I lost some lashes and rubbed my skin raw and tender in the process. Not only did makeup wipe solution irritate, sting, and strip the crap out of my skin, the physical violent rubbing I had to endure to remove the mascara in the end would be extremely damaging to my complexion in the long run (fine lines, wrinkles, eye bags, and possible damage to the capillaries under the surface of your skin which can cause angry red, visible veins to show on your face). On top of everything, all the rubbing and irritation was causing my skin to produce small bumps all over. So in the end, my face was still gunked with makeup residue AND it was also textured.

A nightmare..

I decided it all wasn’t worth it. I was either going to quit makeup altogether (sad), or end up damaging my skin to the point of no return.

What Changed?

One day, I discovered a magical product called – Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm.

A bit of a mouthful, but does just what it says it will do!

The idea behind it was that an oil can effectively clean and melt away makeup. Even more, for those struggling with clogged pores and an overproduction of sebum and oils, massaging the cleansing balm into your skin with your hands would help to clear your pores as well.

Well, you’re probably thinking, how the hell does that work – my face is already so oily, I do NOT want to add more oils to it…

I know, I know, I was also skeptical. I thought putting an oil based product on my face would clog my pores further, and you’re probably thinking the same. BUT, you’d be amazed at the results.

So… how does it work?!

A Little Science Lesson

Think about it like this.

Our pores as it is (if you run oily), are full of oil, sebum, and outside gunk. Excess of these things can cause the pores to clog and acne to form.

Now, water and oil, as we know, repel each other. They differ on a molecular level and do not mix well, fighting to stay separate.

With this in mind, when we try to remove the gunk out of our face with water-based products only, the water formulation is unable to get as deep into our pores (already full of oil and sebum which repels the water-based cleanser) and so leaves quite a lot of gunk behind.

Oppositely, when we massage a cleansing balm into our skin as the first step to a double-cleansing routine, the balm (which is carefully formulated to melt instantly into a luxurious massage oil like consistency) penetrates much deeper into our pores to clean much more effectively. In a sense fighting fire, with fire – oils, with oils.

The heat of your hands and the gentle massaging motion help to move the dirt and grime out of your pores as well as magically melting the makeup from your face and eyes.

This takes off my waterproof mascara… like NOTHING ELSE.

More Magical Benefits

Not only does the Farmacy cleansing balm melt away your makeup, it also transports you to a spa-like experience. It smells delicious, feels luxurious on the skin, and looks beautiful – a stunning pastel minty green colour which is solid in the tub it comes in, but then melts magically and easily into your skin when massaged with the heat of your fingers.

It’s formulated with many beneficial ingredients such as sunflower and ginger root oil to help nourish your skin while removing your makeup, as well as papaya extract to gently exfoliate as you cleanse.

There is also an infusion of turmeric and moringa extract to clear your pores of impurities and effects of pollution.

After a good thorough massage, I like to jump in the shower and wash off the balm with some warm water which reveals butter soft skin on my face. It feels. So. Nice.

At this point, I move to my second gel based cleanse and my face is then squeaky clean.

Clean, and soft. What more can I ask for?!

Suitable for Everyone

Even for those with dry skin or combination skin, the balm would be just as effective and beneficial as it nourishes and moisturizes those with dry skin. For those with combination skin? Well, one product exfoliates, cleanses, and nourishes all the parts of your face that previously may have required different products, depending on the skin concern.

Remember, the double cleanse is a non-negotiable and brings us closer to that perfect glass skin beauty we are working towards.

So definitely try this magic cleansing balm, and… let’s get that glow!

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