As we head back to regular-ish life as we near the end of our self isolation and quarantine, we can’t (realistically) maintain the same 10-20 step glass skin beauty routine and lifestyle we’ve been enjoying during the “time-off”. 

So, what can we do to keep up with maintaining the results of the glass skin beauty routine we’ve managed so far without going completely broke and running out of time?

If you’d like to know how to reduce your current glass skin beauty routine from 15-30 minutes twice a day to under 5 minutes a day, read on!

Not Your Usual 20 Step Glass Skin Beauty Routine

As a reminder, the “usual” glass skin beauty routine breakdown is as follows, as detailed in Glass Skin Beauty Routine for Perfect Skin:

  1. Cleanse #1
  2. Cleanse #2
  3. Exfoliate
  4. Toner
  5. Essence
  6. Serum/ampoule
  7. Moisturize
  8. Face Mask (Optional)

Remember this? Yes, it can be a lot. 

These are the unexpanded bones of the Korean glass skin beauty routine that some people have the patience to follow and maintain on a daily basis. Although this is great, and if you can keep this up everyday/most days, you are an amazing human and clearly have your entire life’s shit together as well as that of the rest of your neighborhood, because, this takes a LOT of patience and motivation. Now, this unfortunately does not work for most humans and also does not work for every lifestyle that requires lots of travel or a hectic schedule. 

When implementing the Korean glass skin beauty routine, what a lot of people don’t realize is that it is a customizable regimen. This means that if you have a solid understanding of your skin type and its needs (to find our your skin type, check out Before Achieving Glass Skin: Do I Know My Skin Type?) we can tweak our regimens to something more manageable.

Is This Possible?

You might be thinking, no no – I have to follow the steps of the glass skin beauty regimen exactly as prescribed. Honestly, I used to think the same thing, and boy, the time I spent patting lotion into my face twice a day. But, the more I thought about it, and the more I understood through research of skincare and how skin can be nourished and treated, I realized that carefully curated regimens can be just as effective, if not MORE than simply following the list of 10-20 steps that it used to take for glass skin beauty.

I know it sounds hard, but YES this is absolutely possible and I can explain to you how. 

Tip #1 – Take the Skin Type Test detailed in Before Achieving Glass Skin: Do I Know My Skin Type? and gain an understanding of what your skin needs to regulate sebum protection and/or how to nourish your skin.

Tip #2 – Take a look at your current skin care routine and try to find ways to combine some of your existing steps. For example, perhaps your makeup removing step can be combined with your first cleanse. 

Or, you can combine your second cleanse with the exfoliating step with the addition of the Foreo Luna 2 into your routine. You can read my review of this amazing cleansing tool here. You can also choose a cleanser that has an exfoliating acid like glycolic acid or salicylic acid to cut down the separate exfoliating step. A great cleanser to incorporate into your routine here can be Paula’s Choice Pore Normalizing Cleanser which is a great low-cost cleanser to start using for this step – research backed and suitable for all skin types. 


It’s also possible to combine your serum/ampoule step with either the essence step or the moisutrizing step at the very end by choosing a moisturizing product with active ingredients that you would be looking to incorporate with a serum, such as vitamin C or retinol.

Short & Sweet

Looking for more ways to minimize your regimen? You can also incorporate this DREAM product from Laneige.

This product single handedly combines your toner, essence, and moisturizing step in one go. 

Thanks genius Korean dermatologists! 

You can chop nearly half of your Korean glass skin beauty routine out with just this simple but effective AF product. If your skin is very dry in the Winter, I can recommend that you incorporate the 7 skin method that I previously discussed in Secret to Achieving Best Skin Hydration for Glass Skin Beauty and layer this baby on (maybe not all 7 times, we are trying to save time here, afterall) a few times for added layers of hydration when you feel you need it. 

This product acts as a toner by balancing your pH as toners do, but also has creamy lotion incorporated into the solution so that with each layer of toner you are also providing your skin with deep moisturization. Delivering moisturizing ingredients in this step not only does away with the essence step entirely, but also allows the moisturizing agents farther in through the layers of your skin than you would have if you slapped on moisturizer at the end of your routine.

Minimal and Realistic

The more we trim and make our glass skin beauty regimen approachable and maintainable, the more attainable the glass skin results will be! 

Feeding your skin the nutrients and targeted ingredients it needs with CONSISTENCY is the best way to get results!

Not only is this strategy effective, but it is also dollar saving and time saving. We could all get a bit more of that, can’t we? 

We Can Make This Work

I know 100% that all this new information can be over whelming, yes, because science, and yes, because – no lie – IT TAKES WORK. 

But, try this method of combining your steps by carefully choosing your products and YOU CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN FOR YOURSELF. 

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and stay positive! Stress is a killer and we all know this. 

Remember, the time it takes to DO YOU is never wasteful, and ALWAYS worth the effort.

So, let’s get that glow!

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